Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Crushers Digital Ticketing Guide

To access and manage your Lake Erie Crushers tickets, you need to create a MyProVenue account. As the Crushers are shifting towards more digital tickets, you can now save, print, and forward your tickets from the comfort of your home, making it easier for you to prepare for gameday at Crushers Stadium. Digital tickets also provide a low-contact ticketing experience. Once you have created your MyProVenue account, you can log in to access your ticket inventory, print, forward/recall your tickets, or add tickets to your mobile wallet.

Digital ticketing offers a range of benefits to Crushers fans. It provides a safe, convenient, and secure way to use and share game tickets. Additionally, it helps to prevent lost, forgotten, and fraudulent tickets and provides a contactless entry solution for all fans entering Crushers Stadium.



How do I access digital tickets I’ve purchased?

There are two ways to access digital tickets. Once you purchase your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email, you will find a link that says “Click here to access your tickets.” You can either view and scan your tickets on your mobile device or print them at home. If you can’t find the confirmation email, don’t worry. You can also access your digital tickets by logging into your My Provenue account directly.

What do I show at the ballpark gates for entry?

A QR code or barcode will be displayed on your mobile device’s screen for scanning at the gates by one of our ticket takers for entry.

Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone?

You can swipe to view and scan multiple tickets on a single phone. This means that if a family of 4 people is attending an event, only one person needs to display all 4 tickets on their phone.

Can I add digital tickets to my Apple Wallet or Google Wallet?

Certainly! To save your tickets to either Apple or Google Wallet, simply open the confirmation email on your mobile device and select the option that says “Click here to add your tickets to Apple Wallet now” or “Click here to add your tickets to Google Wallet now.”

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

You can still buy and use Crushers tickets without a mobile device. Simply log in to your My Provence account on a computer to complete any necessary actions and print your tickets.