Friday, January 03, 2020

Host Families

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Help a young player take the next step towards their dreams and build stronger bonds with the Crushers and your community.

Hosting one of our players is a great way for fans to get more involved with the team. There is no better opportunity to get to know one of our players and the other families that create the support system for our team in the community. Host families also get access to an exclusive set of perks including:

  • 2 ticket vouchers per game for as long as the family hosts a player. Families can use their vouchers as needed throughout the season.
  • One parking pass per family
  • A team-sponsored preseason event for all host families and players
  • On-field recognition ceremony at the end of the season for the host family
  • Discount coupons for the Fan Attic
  • A season-long discount on in-game concessions