A Tale of a Bear: Stomper Edition

Let's Play!

August 4th, 2016

My Favorite Thing is Meeting You!

Crushers infielder Max Casper and I were invited to visit our friends at the Horizon Education Center- East Lorain on August 4th! We arrived to see many exciting faces that we saw at our Super Splash Day. I followed Max into a big room where all of the children were waiting for us. Many kids and their teachers asked Max some really good questions. I learned that he is from Minnesota, he has a younger brother and a younger sister, and he coaches during the off-season. He also said that his favorite thing about playing professional baseball is getting to talk to all of the kids. Little did he know, that?s my favorite thing, too!

After everyone was done asking questions, I got to take a silly picture with all of the kids and then they got to show me some of their favorite toys. There were a few that wanted to play with a soccer ball and a few that wanted to play baseball!

I got to meet Rebecca Wisniewski and Stephanie Prussak while visiting. They were both very nice and I am so glad that Stephanie made it possible for us to stop by and visit. Thank you so much to the Horizon Education Center- East Lorain for having me and Max out to visit! Hope to see you soon.


Staying Sharp!

August 1st, 2016

I Love Learning!

In the beginning of August, Crushers shortstop, Eric Grabe, and relief pitcher, Chandler Jagodzinski, invited me to go with them to the Horizon Education Center- Dewhurst to spend the morning with some of our friends. When we got there we were welcomed by Louise Reuter, who took us to the room where the kids were waiting for our arrival, they were excited to learn that I was coming.

The kids asked some very good questions to Chandler and Eric! Eric told the kids a little about the life of a baseball player, how to hit home runs and even said I was his best friend. Chandler explained a little bit about pitching and coaching too.

After many questions, the children showed us the baseball fans they made before our visit and let all three of us autograph them before it was time to go! Thank you so much to the Horizon Education Center- Dewhurst for having Eric Grabe, Chandler Jagodzinski, and I out for a great time. We hope to return soon.


Field Day Fun!

July 28th, 2016

Soak up the Sun!

The team was on the road this week, but that didn?t stop me from going out and visiting some of my friends with the Huron Public Library for their Finale Field Day! The weather was very hot but it was a great event to play some games! I spent some time playing with a group of kids with a rainbow parachute and even spent some time on the playground! Some of the children even told me all about their favorite sports teams in the Cleveland area.

My favorite game of the day was when I got to try to dunk one of the workers in the dunk tank! I tried my hardest to dunk her but I kept missing the target. Even though I missed, I still had loads of fun and all of the kids were so excited to see me. I got to take many pictures with all of the kids that came to talk to me. There were so many that also told me that they love to come to Crushers games!

I?m so glad the Huron Public Library invited me out to their awesome event!


Happy Birthday America!

July 4th, 2016

Also, Happy Birthday Max!

Nolan Andersky invited me and Crushers infielder Max Casper to come check out the Avon Lake Bike Parade. I was so excited because not only was it the 4th of July, but it was also Max Casper?s birthday! Max had on the coolest American flag pants to look super snazzy for the event.

We arrived with several free tickets in hand (nice surprise for the kiddos!). People were so excited to see me, but I was more excited to see them. There were so many bikes decorated with tape and streamers and colored for the 4th. If I knew how to ride a bike, I definitely would have tried to decorate my bike with baseballs and Crushers colors.

I got to see Mayor Jensen and Greg Zilka as well as the Avon High School band. I even met a really cute puppy! When all the kids were finished with the parade, we handed out all of our tickets so that way we could see all of the wonderful fans at a future Crushers game!

I had so much fun at the Avon Lake Bike Parade this year and would love to go back in the future.


Animals on Parade!

June 18th, 2016

The Duck Tape Parade

Today I got to check out the Duck Tape Parade with my friends Max Casper and Jordan McCoy and Crushers team owner, Tom Kramig! I got to ride in Tom?s Jeep during the parade with Jordan because it was such a hot day and Max Casper handed out team schedules to all of the fans.

During the parade, I saw so many really cool parade floats and costumes made with Duck Tape. There were different superheroes, princesses, and other characters made out of Duck Tape. There was also a giant elephant, a giant baseball and many other giant statues!

It was so fun to see so many familiar faces as well as new faces in the crowd. I hope to do it again next year!


Shhh! I'm reading!

June 13th, 2016

My Day at the Library

I was invited to visit the Rocky River Public Library! The library was holding their Second Annual Summer Reading Program, which is my favorite activity, (of course after baseball!) Kids and parents lined the front lawn to sign-up. I was able to draw with sidewalk chalk (kind of hard with my paws,) play corn hole, catch with a beach ball, jumbo Jenga and pop bubbles! It was such a great time playing with my fans.

Mary Ellen Fisher set up the whole thing, including a little tour of the library. I was amazed at the amount of books, movies and video games that were stacked across each shelf! Mary Ellen helped me find my new favorite book Paddington Bear, by Michael Bond, which was super exciting to check out after signing up for the summer reading program myself. Inside the library was a great place to escape the heat from the sunny and 75 degree day!

Back outside, parents and kids really wanted to take pictures! I brought my buddy Bryan De La Rosa, the catcher on the Lake Erie Crushers, and the kids were amazed to be in his presence. He made the best decision and signed up for the adult summer reading program! Bryan got a water bottle full of candy for signing up and was super excited to start his reading.

We both were very honored to talk with a Rocky River Police Officer. He let us take pictures by his car, and promised to visit us at a game this summer!

After a lot more pictures, more corn hole games and a few more Jenga games it was time to go home to All Pro Freight Stadium. Check out my pictures below!

Thanks so much Rocky River Public Library and Mary Ellen for such a great Monday! I hope to visit soon.

A day at the library!A day at the library!

It's My Party!

June 12th, 2016

It's My Birthday! (I'm 8 now)

It was a sunny day at the ballpark! The Crushers had a 2:05 game, and it was MY BIRTHDAY! I was so happy to see so many kids show up for pictures and to watch the game with me.

There were super fun birthday activities just for me! Me, the LCCC Duck and the Lorain Public Library Dog Browser played musical chairs. Then there was a gift pass off which was a lot like hot potato (I won!), but after the game was the best part!

B.A Sweeties Candy Company gave me 200 pounds of candy to drop all over the field for kids to pick up. There was so much to choose from including: Twizzlers, Smarties, salt water taffy, Jolly Ranchers and so much more! Kids lined up from the third base line, to the first waiting for my candy to drop! Not one piece of candy was left behind, but don?t worry they left me a box for myself!

I couldn?t have asked for a better way to spend my 8th birthday. Thanks so much Crushers, fans, B.A. Sweeties Candy Company, The LCCC Duck and Browser for such a great birthday!