Reading Club

Lake Erie Crusher Presents: Stomper's Reading Program! 

The 2016 Stomper's Reading Program has come to an end! The Crushers want to thank all of the students and facilty members who have helped make this a successful program! Stomper hopes to see all 18,255 students at one of the four Reading Night Games!


The Lake Erie Crushers have teamed up with local schools to make a pitch for reading and to strike out illiteracy with a month-long Reading Club program! The goal of the program is to promote the importance of literacy and education while at the same time fostering a life-long love of reading. 

 Be on the look out for the 2017 Stomper's Reading Program Registration Forms. All schools are welcome to register.

If you can any questions regarding the program, contact Catie Graf at or at 440-934-3636.